It’s so Cold Outside, I Saw A Gangster Pull His Pants Up.


There you go folks, this one came to me via Facebook,
and what do I see when I get up from break ?

Nailed It.
Needless to say, it was a staple to have put up on my oh so Humble blog,
which, by the way, has 32 views!


I feel famous!

Today I actually decided to study when I got to school, must be the guilty conscious.
Not only was I late, but I got an intervention for my time. Seeing as working two days a week is working too much and my time is unacceptable. Boy, they wouldn’t like to know that before I started school, I was pushing 60 hours a week. Why? Because I’m awesome, that’s why. The money was so nice too. I have figured out that when you work a lot you actually save even more, seeing as you have no time to really spend your money Because you’re never off.


Hope everyone Stays Warm!


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